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How to look good in underwear?

POLISH version & comments

20th April 2009

Spring’s a season of critically looking into a mirror. We put on lighter clothes, check out if we still fit into last year’s bikini and we start going to a gym or a pool. We refresh our outer clothes… but do we remember about our undergarments?

Those of us who are familiar with Trinny&Susannah or Gok Wan already know that suitable underwear is the base of looking good.  That doesn’t mean that we are supposed to stuff ourselves into tight fitting tubes we call control underwear at the start of warm days. In most cases and situations it’s enough to have a proper “breast garment”. Did you know that lifting, gathering and light modeling of breasts takes away kilograms optically and makes a figure look shapely? Not to mention comfort and freedom of movement.

See for yourselves.

Grace taking a swim

Look at the first models of today in two swimming costumes. Both photos show simple, black swimsuits, but the similarity ends there.

The one on the left is an average costume from a sports shop – no underwiring, no cups etc. The other one is Panache Grace 30J. Bra size here means that this costume has been designed to fit your breasts. It has a built-in underwired supportive bra that is fastened on the back.


On these photos you can clearly see where the model’s breasts are – at least several cm’s higher than on the photo on the left. These several cm’s mean a lot – they open up her waist and make it look slimmer and lighter overall. The model measures 75cm under breast and 105cm around – and just to remind you the costume’s size – it’s British 30J, which is an equivalent of continental 65P (if they produced such).

One more look at the profile shows that her breasts fit entirely into deep enough cups and the line on the top of the breast is smooth with no bulging.

You can imagine the comfort of wearing the new costume, the breasts don’t sag or droop - they look up front. It turns out that a swimming costume doesn’t need to be a flattening tube.


What matters is a horizontal band

Another example showing how underwear can influence your looks. This model shows what a well fitted bust-halter can do for your figure.

The first two photos show the model wearing a sports swimming costume. The first one without a built in bra (equivalent of wearing a close fitting top with no bra at all).

The other one is Freya Drew – a model from a few seasons past with built in cups band and no underband – something like a half bra. You get the same effect in badly fitted bras that are too loose.

The last photo shows our model wearing a basque – Elomi Occasions. It has a built in underwired bra with snugly fitting back.


First photo shows a round apple-like figure. The breasts are unsupported, as they lie on the model’s tummy – they’re practically invisible. But we know that she has quite a big difference in measurements around her breasts and under – as she wears a 34JJ.

Only the last photo clearly shows this.

Well fitted bikinis and swimming costumes can really help a lot of women get out on the beach and be proud of their figures. No more sagging breasts, peaking out from under your bikini with every sudden movement. No more potato sacks some designers call swimming costumes. No more breast surgeries. Just remember, a well fitted bra has to be comfortable – brutal squeezing like our great grandmothers did is out of question.

PS - a permanent change

One of our readers suggested putting more photographs showing how well fitted bras improve the shape and quality of your breasts even if you are not actually wearing them.

These photos show the same woman as above in a simple swimming costume with no built in underwired bra 2 years ago and now.

The photos on the left were taken in May 2007, the ones on the right in April 2009.

What did she do during these 2 years? Breast surgery?


She only changed her bra size. Now it’s 3 cups bigger than it was. It helped to firm the breasts and removed bulges from her armpits and her back – the bulges came back where they should belong – to the cups.

Translation by: Aleksandra

POLISH version & comments

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